A Note from the Founder

When we started our firm 29 years ago, our mission statement was to provide the highest quality appraisals available in Nevada. Since that time, we continually invest in the best technology and most robust databases to make sure that our mission statement is met. This means we subscribe to four different MLS databases. We also subscribe to the latest data analysis portals and services. This means that our data that we use in your appraisal is the very best available.

Good data, combined with intelligent analyses and the application of high quality statistical tools ensures that your appraisal report is the most compliant and complete appraisal report available. If there is conflicting information in the databases, we take the time to find out why. This often means phone calls or reinspection of the comparables. But our goal is to get it right, the every time.

We also pride ourselves on taking the time to explain to the homeowner exactly what we are doing. When we meet you at your home, we will always discuss the search parameters, the market direction, changes in your neighborhood, and changes in the real estate market overall. We enjoy interacting with our customers.

We look forward to working with you.

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