Devon A. West

Devon began working in the family appraisal firm in 2010 after returning from an extended sailing adventure on the family sailing yacht to New Zealand. Prior to that, Devon worked in plastics manufacturing and metal fabrication.
Devon is passionate about the detail in his appraisal reports. He takes great pride in the accuracy of his measurements and the accuracy of the data he has chosen for the valuation assignment. When there is conflicting data, he chases it down, until it is resolved. Often, in valuing rural properties, the data is sparse, incomplete and conflicting.
He also has a strong understanding of the assessor and treasurer websites for each county in Nevada. Personal relationships with the County assessor’s offices provides him greater access to the data than most appraisers. His intimate familiarity with each small community allows him to understand the nuances and property particulars in each rural sub-market. Devon is also highly proficient in appraising properties throughout the greater Las Vegas area. When time permits, Devon is involved in kiteboarding, shooting sports, sailing, exploratory hiking and hanging with his kids. Devon is an active member of Hobie fleet 51 in Southern Nevada. A single father, has two children, ages 11 and 9, who enjoy their adventurous times with him.